MailButler – Your personal assistant for Apple Mail.


Your personal assistant for Apple Mail.

Email like a pro.

Enhance your daily productivity and effectiveness with your personal Apple Mail assistant.

  • Snooze

    By snoozing an email you will temporarily make it disappear out of your Inbox.

  • Follow-Up

    Get a follow-up reminder when there is no response to a particular email.

  • Tracking

    Let you know if the recipient has actually opened your email.

  • Scheduling

    Schedule your emails to be sent at a specific date and time in the future.

  • More Features

    Cloud Upload, Signatures, Undo Send, Notes, Emojis, Unsubscribe and many more.

  • To be continued…

    New features coming. We’re on it!

Mailbutler paper plane graphic

MailButler is your personal assistant for efficient and productive work with Apple Mail. With its various functions, it simplifies, optimizes and streamlines working with emails in your daily life. Use it for business or private purposes – MailButler will become an indispensable, reliable servant once you start using it.

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Without any effort.

MailButler offers you the easiest way to handle the annoying emails that are filling up your Inbox every day. You will find the unsubscribe button at the top of every newsletter that you are subscribed to.

Graphic Unsubscribe Feature

One click on it, and MailButler will automatically unsubscribe you from this newsletter: simple and time-saving.


Zero Inbox in no time.

Zero Inbox is a dream of every email user, but sometimes it takes a lot of time to work through all the incoming messages. With Snooze this task will become much easier.

By snoozing an email you will temporarily make it disappear out of your Inbox.

Graphic Snooze Feature

It will, however, pop up again at the time that you set up when pressing the “Snooze” button. Snoozed emails are also available for you the entire time in a special folder.


Let your signature speak for you

With MailButler you can create beautiful email signatures by selecting between our various templates. You can configure photo images, text and colors to define the signature’s individual style. Also, signatures created with MailButler are responsive and can be viewed easily on mobile devices.

Whether a professional-looking signature for your colleagues and business partners, or a creative and beautiful one for friends and family – MailButler makes sure it is personal and unique.

Screenshot Direct Inbox Feature
Graphic Direct Inbox Feature

Direct Inbox

Always in control.

Through MailButler’s Direct Inbox you can easily and quickly access your Inbox.

A simple click on the MailButler icon in the upper menu bar will open a panel, which displays your last incoming emails for each of your email accounts with corresponding options.


No response? Get reminded.

Isn’t it hard to have an overview over many emails from lots of different conversations? In order to avoid leaving some messages without follow-ups, you always need to keep in mind, which of your emails hasn’t been responded yet. MailButler can do just that for you. 

Graphic Follow-Up Feature

Follow-Up feature allows you to schedule a followup reminder that will notify you when there is no response to a particular email

Screenshot Schedule Email to be sent at a specific time
MailButler Email Scheduling


Write now – send later

MailButler allows you to schedule an email to be sent at a specific date and time. Thus, you can fulfill lots of tasks beforehand by writing several emails at once and letting MailButler secure their scheduled delivery later.


Track and Analyze

With Email Tracking you always know if the recipient has actually opened your email. It provides you the necessary information to plan your next step in communication with a person. In private email conversations, tracking secures you from unnecessary repeats and reminders.

MailButler Email Tracking

In businesses, this feature turns into a strong analytical tool and becomes an absolute must-have for everybody doing sales, CRM or customer support.

Screenshot of Notes DIalogue in Apple Mail.
Graphic Notes Function


Emails to notes

MailButler allows you to easily convert emails in Apple’s Mail application into notes. This includes formatting, file attachments, tags, reminder date and other meta information. Notes also contain a direct reference to the source email that it was created from, which allows to easily find the email correspondence within your favorite note taking tool. Currently MailButler supports exporting emails to Evernote.

MailButler can be connected with the following services:

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  • Google Drive Logo
  • Google+ Logo
  • Flickr Logo
  • Dropmark Logo
  • Gravatar Logo
  • Droplr Logo
  • OwnCloud Logo
  • MediaFire Logo
Graphic File Uplpad To Cloud

Upload to Cloud

Attachments with no limitations

The file size limits of your or the recipient’s email provider can get really annoying. With MailButler, you can save yourself unnecessary efforts of finding alternative ways to send a large attachment. Every time your email’s attachments exceed a certain size, MailButler will automatically upload it to the cloud and add the corresponding links to your email instead.

Screenshot of Attachment-Upload To A Cloud Service

Now I can’t imagine to not have MailButler’s assistance every day. It makes a huge difference. It’s very helpful, and can be used just by everyone.

David Balensiefen

CEO, gridX GmbH

MailButler contains all the functions that the plugins used to have plus the new ones. Amazing tool for those, who want to handle their emails easier and more efficient: you’ll be surprised, how much time you save!

Paul Dziwoki

Co Founder & CTO, Jommi

Due to my job it’s essential to me to use a proper Apple Mail assistant that helps me do my work. In MailButler I found everything I needed: it is reliable, completes all the necessary tasks, and is easy to install and to use.

Jennifer Huber


Undo Send

No more failures

With MailButler you won’t have the fear to send an unfinished, incorrect or in any way mistaken email ever again. Once you’ve pressed “send”, MailButler keeps the email in your computer’s outbox for a short while – just define how long you want this safety period to be.

Graphic Undo Send

During this time you can undo the sending of the email and correct it the way you want. 
From now on you’ll be secured from any incidents.

Screenshot of Attachment Reminder Dialog Window

Attachment Reminder

Perfect at the first try

Ever sent an email with apologies right after you forgot to actually attach the mentioned files? This won’t happen again – MailButler will scan your text for specific keywords and remind you in case it doesn’t find any attachment in the email, which was supposed to include one.

Graphic Attachment Reminder


Visualize and simplify

Visualization, for sure, makes one’s email communication much easier and more effective – thanks to the representative images of the senders you can find a particular email at first sight. MailButler uses images from Google+, Flickr, Gravatar, and the users’ email avatar database.

Graphic of Changing Contact Photos

Payment Interval:

    • Free

      0 mo
      • All Features
      • 1 User
      • 30+ Actions per Month
      • 1 Email Avatar
      • Basic Support
    • Corporate

      / user 5.35 mo
      • All Features
      • N User
      • Unlimited Actions
      • 5 Email Avatars per User
      • Premium Support

What are Actions?

Each time you use one of MailButler’s features, an action is consumed.
It's that simple!

What is an Email Avatar?

An Email Avatar is an image that represents you as an email sender in Apple Mail. It is visible to other MailButler users.

How to get more free actions?

You can get more free monthly actions by recommending MailButler to your friends and family. For each referred user, you get additional 5 actions.

How can I subscribe?

When you want to upgrade your plan, you can do so from the MailButler application.

Is there a trial period?

No! Feel free to test MailButler as long as you want with our Free plan. You can upgrade (or downgrade) your plan whenever you want.

We have more than 100 employees

No problem! Just get in touch with us and we will send you a special offer.