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Emojis for Apple Mail: Now Available on MailButler

Where words fail, emojis speak. Today we’ve added a new great option to MailButler again. Now you can include emojis into your emails. Go ahead and try it out now! Just click on the emoji icon in the lower right corner of the email window. Stay with us to learn more... read more

Shimo 4.1 brings IPSec connections to the next level

With out first major update to your favorite VPN client on the Mac, we significantly improve its compatibility with most IPSec VPN gateways. Shimo 4.1 now easily handles complex VPN networking configurations, including route management and DNS handling. We are... read more

Follow up smarter. Faster. Better. MailButler is in charge.

In a perfect world everyone responds to our emails right on time. But in the real world we often get responses later than expected or don’t get them at all, which puts us at risk of forgetting about those conversations we started. Especially, if there’s a lot going on... read more

Leave your feedback and get a chance to win MailButler

Tell us how you use MailButler to increase your productivity and get a chance to win one of the three lifelong MailButler Professional Accounts To participate you have to: 1. Register a free MailButler account (if you haven’t yet). 2. Leave a comment in the section... read more

Feingeist is going back to the roots

For all our German-speaking customers out there: working with emails is going to be even more convenient, because Mailbutler is now available in German. More languages coming soon. read more

More free actions for MailButler

Just little less than one month ago we’ve launched our new product, MailButler. However, everyday we are still working on making MailButler better for you. And this ongoing process is not going to stop! So today we are happy to announce that we’ve raised the... read more