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What’s new at Feingeist

Email Productivity As The Key To A Successful Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel à la Mailbutler: How to use MailButler Reminders, Templates and Tracking to master your email productivity You may have heard of the Sales Funnel strategy that is supposed to guide you through your sales workflow. But putting it into practice can become a... read more

MailButler Telegraph: Your News Source On The Internet.

We are excited to present to you our new project that we have been working on recently. It’s called MailButler Telegraph, and it’s main goal is simple and clear: to keep you informed. In each monthly MailButler Telegraph issue you will find the latest news... read more

Emails Put In Order With MailButler Smart Mailboxes

MailButler’s new Smart Mailboxes are designed to neatly organize your Inbox. They include special folders that display email messages you track and email messages you turn into tasks and notes. A simple glance into MailButler’s Smart Mailboxes gives you a... read more

Giveaway: Results

Productive with MailButler and Todoist Wow, we are impressed how many of you have participated in our MailButler & Todoist giveaway! Thank you for your wonderful comments and testimonials, it’s so amazing to hear from all of you. Here are our lucky winners... read more

MailButler Has 3 New Improvements for Perfect Emailing.

Three in a row! We are thrilled to inform you about the three amazing features you will find on MailButler starting today. All of them are available within all three MailButler plans: Essential, Professional, and Business. Quote: Want to share a particular part of... read more

New Services Have Been Added To MailButler. Explore Them Now!

More Power With New Services MailButler is evolving non-stop! Starting today it offers integration with these new services: OneNote: another great tool for making notes. OneDrive: access and share files and photos on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. Wunderlist: a very... read more

No PPTP VPN on macOS Sierra – Time to switch to Shimo

This is just a small update to make sure that those of you, who still haven’t heard the news, are well informed and prepared. PPTP VPN will no longer be supported by Apple’s built-in VPN client on macOS Sierra. The main reasons for this are linked to security issues,... read more

Inbox Zero in Apple Mail in no time!

MailButler Snooze is without any doubt a pure productivity feature. It helps you to better manage your time spent answering emails, and reach Inbox Zero. Why you need it Important incoming emails often get lost, if you don’t answer them right away. They drop down... read more

Like Your Email Signature? Now You’re Gonna Love It!

If you can’t imagine your email correspondence without MailButler email signatures, you’ll appreciate this upgrade. MailButler signatures are now responsive and can be viewed easily on mobile devices. This small adjustment makes a great difference, if you think that... read more

Football Fever: How To Watch Euro 2016

This is a guest post by our partner tigerVPN.   It’s summer 2016, and the European Championship is in full swing. With mobile devices equipt with big screens at our fingertips and enough battery to power us trough a full day, nothing is stopping us from... read more

5 Secret Superpowers Of Email Signatures in Apple Mail

If you are an Apple Mail user, or just in general use emails to correspond with people, you most probably have heard of email signatures. However, the chances are lower that you actually have and are using one, because in practice by far not everyone who is aware of... read more

Meet Direct Inbox: Quick And Easy Access To Your Apple Mail

We are pleased to present to you the new MailButler Feature: Direct Inbox. Through MailButler’s Direct Inbox you can easily and quickly access your Inbox. A simple click on the MailButler icon in the upper menu bar will open a panel, which displays your last... read more

Emojis for Apple Mail: Now Available on MailButler

Where words fail, emojis speak. Today we’ve added a new great option to MailButler again. Now you can include emojis into your emails. Go ahead and try it out now! Just click on the emoji icon in the lower right corner of the email window. Stay with us to learn more... read more

Shimo 4.1 brings IPSec connections to the next level

With out first major update to your favorite VPN client on the Mac, we significantly improve its compatibility with most IPSec VPN gateways. Shimo 4.1 now easily handles complex VPN networking configurations, including route management and DNS handling. We are... read more

Follow up smarter. Faster. Better. MailButler is in charge.

In a perfect world everyone responds to our emails right on time. But in the real world we often get responses later than expected or don’t get them at all, which puts us at risk of forgetting about those conversations we started. Especially, if there’s a lot going on... read more

Leave your feedback and get a chance to win MailButler

Tell us how you use MailButler to increase your productivity and get a chance to win one of the three lifelong MailButler Professional Accounts To participate you have to: 1. Register a free MailButler account (if you haven’t yet). 2. Leave a comment in the section... read more

MailButler offers Email Tracking for Apple Mail Starting Today

Starting today MailButler offers one more feature for Apple Mail: Email Tracking.  With this new option you will always know if the recipient has actually opened your email, which is certainly a great source of information for communication planning. Email Tracking... read more

Feingeist is going back to the roots

For all our German-speaking customers out there: working with emails is going to be even more convenient, because Mailbutler is now available in German. More languages coming soon. read more

More free actions for MailButler

Just little less than one month ago we’ve launched our new product, MailButler. However, everyday we are still working on making MailButler better for you. And this ongoing process is not going to stop! So today we are happy to announce that we’ve raised the... read more

We are ready to present to you our new product – MailButler!

After all the deliberation on the topic of how to make the best out of the Apple Mail application in the most easy and convenient way, we’ve created an Apple Mail assistant, which contains the range of functions you’d surely appreciate. Here are some facts about... read more

Our Christmas Special: The More – The Merrier!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! We at Feingeist hope you are as exited about the upcoming holidays as we are and want to thank you for being with us this year. The More – The Merrier Your gift is a coupon, the value of which is solely up to you! Like our... read more

Sneak a Peek at the Future of Mail

Today we would like to give you all a very first look at what we have been working on for quite some time now. After having gained a lot of experience with our set of productivity-enhancing Mail plugins, we decided to take on the next step. With our new product we... read more

How to stay safe on Public Wifi?

Public Wi-Fi networks, like those in restaurants, coffee shops or airports are incredibly convenient, but they are not nearly as safe as you might think. This means that when you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi, all of your personal information (including user names,... read more

OS X El Capitan: Our Plugins have been updated.

OS X 10.11 El Capitan is the next major update to Apple’s OS X operating system for Mac. All of our plugins were recently updated and will run as usual. To ensure compatibility, you need to install the latest plugin version before you update to El Capitan. In... read more

Shimo 4 is now available

We did it again: Shimo gets even better! Shimo 4 brings great new features while retaining its simple user experience, which always made it the #1 VPN client for Mac – for Everyone. What’s new in Shimo 4? Streamlined user experience Support for two-factor... read more

Shimo4 Public Beta Test

After Shimo3 being released in 2012, we were working hard on a new major update to our first-class VPN client, Shimo. As already known from our previous releases, we have a public beta phase for some weeks before we do the official launch of a major release. Starting... read more

Feingeist Charity Campaign 2015

Help improving living conditions of children by supporting Plan International with a donation. Receive a special charity discount for our products as a reward. We as Feingeist would like to ask you to help our good friend Steffi in collecting donations... read more

OS X Yosemite: Our products are ready!

Just in time for Apple’s next major OS release, we worked hard to make all of our Mail plugins and other software products compatible with OS X Yosemite. Please make sure that you have the latest version of our plugins installed to assure compatibility with... read more

With EverMail you can easily create notes from your emails

Have you ever forgotten about an email or parts of an email? With tons of emails in our inbox we often lose track of the important content that is sent to us. Never lose track again! EverMail makes it as easy as never before to transfer information within an email or... read more

Shimo 3.4 Release: The Trigger has been pulled

With Shimo 3.4 we are pushing VPN automation to a whole new level – with Triggers! Shimo has always been the No.1 VPN client when it comes to automation. You want to automatically establish a VPN connection under certain circumstances? Shimo is the tool to use!... read more