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Our Mission

Feingeist is a software company solving modern-world problems with elegant solutions. These solutions are optimized for usability while providing exactly the required functionality to solve the particular problems.

Feingeist perceives security, privacy and productivity as the most important modern problems. Consequently, our products particularly target these problems.

The provided solutions are primarily designed and developed for small to medium sized enterprises, private persons, and freelancers. For this target audience, Feingeist delivers optimal solutions that increase productivity, improve security, protect your privacy and that are still fun to use.

The Founders

Fabian Jäger

Fabian Jäger

Co-Founder & CTO

Besides Fabian’s ambitions to write awesome software, he studied computer engineering at RWTH Aachen University and did his Ph.D in 3D video coding at the Institute for Digital Communications (IENT).

Tobias Knobl

Tobias Knobl

Co-Founder & CEO

Tobias studied Business Administration & Engineering at RWTH Aachen University and worked at RWTH Center for Entrepreneurship for two years.

Our Products



Shimo is the most versatile VPN client for Mac and it enables really everybody to master secure network connections.


MailButler is your personal assistant for efficient and productive work with Apple Mail.

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